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Proxy Biomedical Develops High Strength Resorbable USP 2 Suture

Proxy Biomedical Develops High Strength Resorbable USP 2 Suture for Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Applications.

USP 2 Resorbable Suture Will Enable Orthopaedic Companies Expand their Resorbable Product Portfolios

Proxy Biomedical, a leading global innovator in the design, development and manufacturing of biomaterials product solutions for medical implants, has developed high strength resorbable USP 2 suture, ideal for Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine applications.

Despite widespread use of resorbable implants in these markets, for fracture or soft tissue fixation, resorbable USP 2 sutures are not readily available. The reason is that resorbable sutures do not typically offer sufficient strength for these applications, within the dimensional limitations of USP 2.  The multifilament PGA suture developed by Proxy Biomedical has an average knot-pull, tensile value >110N and straight tensile strength of 185N.  This result far exceeds minimum knot-pull textile requirements of 62.3N for USP 2 classification.

Proxy Biomedical are a design, development and manufacturing partner for many orthopaedic companies and this new development will be provided as a product platform to enable orthopaedic companies bring USP 2 resorbable sutures to market.  Commenting on the announcement, Kieran Moloney, Proxy Biomedical’s Operations Director, confirmed, “Proxy Biomedical is focused on developing optimised resorbable product solutions. This latest development builds on our core competencies of producing, thinner, stronger, tougher biomaterial solutions for our partners”.

The resorbable USP 2 suture, adds to the suite of high strength resorbable solutions currently offered by Proxy Biomedical. In addition to resorbable sutures, Proxy Biomedical offers knitted and woven textile constructs, as well as Bio-XT processing technology, a proprietary processing technique that maximizes the inherent strength of resorbable implants, such as anchors and screws for soft tissue repair.  Further information about Proxy Biomedical’s solutions is available on their website, and representatives from the company will be available by appointment at AAOS 2016 from March 1-5, 2016 in Orlando, Florida.